Practice Area

Probate & Administrations

One of our practices is probate and administration as well as inheritance. We have assisted many in resolving disputes involving wills, inheritance & distribution of estates among Muslim and Non-Muslim families.

  • Application For Grant Of Probate – (Issued by the High Court to the Named Executor(s) in a Will to authorize his/her to administer the Estate.)

  • Application For Letter Of Administration – (Letter of Administration (LA) in the form of Declaration or Order is issued when an individual passed away without a Will.)
  • Application For Small Estate Distribution Order – (An Order from the Small Estates Distribution Unit for an appointment as Administrator.)

  • Resealing Of Probate & Letter Of Administration – (The process of obtaining the subsequent authorization by a court of a second country after the grant has been obtained in the court of first country.)

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Our team has years of experience in handling various types of case.

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Transparency in evaluating the service fees are our priorities to the clients.

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We are highly competent to manage your case in a professional ethics.

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